‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ charms crowds at State Theatre

Sascha Borisova nearly fell off her seat with laughter at The State Theatre on Saturday afternoon during a performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when the characters began dancing on stage.

FUSE Productions presented the stage version of the 1965 television special that nearly mimicked the show line-for-line and action-for-action, down to the very curl of Lucy’s dark hair.

Sascha’s mother, Jane Borisova, said she and her family usually make it an annual tradition to put up the Christmas tree and watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on TV.

When they missed it this year while on vacation, she knew she had to make the show a reality for her three kids, Sascha, 8, Loris, 6, and Dennis, 5.

“They love the show every year and they just loved seeing it firsthand,” Borisova said.

State Theatre artistic director Richard Biever, who also played piano during the performances, said the theater sold nearly every ticket to the three showings on Saturday.

“This is the first year we’ve done it, and it seems like a success,” Biever said. “It’s that beloved, iconic TV classic that everyone knows, so it resonates so positively.”