Distressed plane returns safely to University Park Airport

Emergency responders were dispatched to University Park Airport for reports of a distressed plane Tuesday morning. The incident ended with the plane landing safely.

After the small, private aircraft took off from University Park Airport, pilots noticed that it was having trouble maintaining altitude and speed, and it came back in for an emergency landing, Airport Director Bryan Rodgers said. He did not know the exact time that the plane took off.

Airport and local response teams were on standby but ultimately were not needed to assist in the landing process.

The plane landed at 11:37 a.m. without further problems, according to the airport’s general aviation desk.

Alpha Fire Company, which was dispatched to the airport, said it responded to “an aircraft in-air emergency.”

Rodgers said other emergency responders included Penn State Emergency Medical Services, Penn State Police, Penn State Hazmat, Bellefonte fire companies, and Centre County Emergency Management Agency.