No reports of spring break burglaries as students return to town

The last time the Penn State students left for a break, the State College Police Department found itself investigating a rash of burglaries, but it looks like that didn’t happen during spring break.

Police did not field any reports of burglaries over the weekend, as of Sunday afternoon, Sgt. Todd Scholton said.

“Kids are obviously coming back, so that’s good news,” he said.

Before the students left, police encouraged them to secure their residences and vehicles in the wake of the burglaries from winter break. Police also advised students to secure valuable items, have a friend check their residences, ensure sufficient lighting and not hide spare keys.

Police arrested two men, Ryan Reichlin, of State College, and Aaron Klinger, of Centre Hall, in February in connection to that spree of 24 burglaries, many of which occurred over the break.

Some burglary reports are still possible as more people come back to town.