Police have identities of alleged State Patty’s burglars

Suspects in a State Patty's Day robbery at Meridian II building in downtown State College.
Suspects in a State Patty's Day robbery at Meridian II building in downtown State College. Photo provided

State College police said they have identified the two men responsible for a series of burglaries during State Patty’s Day celebrations.

The men, whose names won’t be released until they appear in court in April, were out-of-town partiers in State College for the student-created drinking holiday in February, said Lt. Keith Robb.

One is a 22-year-old student from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Beaver County. The other is a 23-year-old student from the University of Pittsburgh.

Police said they have recovered most of the stolen property, including headphones, speakers, MP3 players and other electronics, sunglasses, money and more. Robb estimates total value of the property to be over $1,000.

The identifications come after police released video of the two perpetrators walking the halls of the Meridian II and University Towers apartment buildings, opening doors and entering random apartments while other people passed by.

The video and still photographs were circulated heavily, with police renewing a push to get information out over the last week since Penn State students were on spring break when the first pictures were published. Police had believed the perpetrators to be out-of-town residents, but believed someone would be able to identify them.

“This is probably a good example of the way of the future, between video, media and cooperation of the public,” said Robb, who points to social media and surveillance cameras as instrumental. “That’s how we’ll keep this town safe.”

Two additional burglaries were reported this week, bringing the total to seven so far. Robb thinks more may be reported as police continue to review video evidence and contact the residents of the apartments the suspects are seen entering.

Police do, however, blame the event on the drinking festivities.

“The only reason they were in town is they came up for State Patty’s Day. They were staying with an individual in town,” said Robb, who added the two did not appear to have come specifically to steal, but took advantage of the situation.

The pair were cooperative when contacted, telling police they were expecting the call and had seen the video.