Centre County leaders OK $4.8 million budget revisions largely for 911 system upgrades

The Centre County Board of Commissioners approved more than $4.8 million in 2014 budget revisions at its meeting Tuesday, but the vast majority came from 2013 costs.

The majority of that number comes from capital project costs related to the 911 system upgrade, which will be covered through 2013 budget funding, financial analyst Julie Lutz said. None of the adjustments make monetary changes to the 2014 budget.

“The revisions are all budget-neutral, which means the departments are mostly transferring money in between expense accounts,” she said.

Lutz added that it’s not uncommon to make budget revisionsfrom the previous budget year in the first quarter for the current budget year.

The county is continuing work on its 911 project, looking to complete the transition to the new radio system in late spring.

The board also approved a contract to remove old 911 towers from the Woodward tower site, where a new one was built. The contract with Tower Services Unlimited totals $28,890.

Criminal Justice Planning Director Gene Lauri said the removal will complete the work that needs to be done at the site. The county will also receive all funds from the tower scrap metal, which will go toward offsetting the cost of the work, Lauri said.