Hundreds of pounds of drugs collected by police in Central Pennsylvania

State police said they collected hundreds of pounds of drugs throughout Central Pennsylvania on Saturday.

The Drug Take-Back Program, conducted in partnership with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, offered people a safe way to get rid of medications, keeping them out of the hands of poeple who shouldn’t have them, while simultaneously keeping them out of landfills, water sources and the environment.

Troop G collected drugs at seven points throughout its six-county coverage area. The total came in at 630 pounds.

Hollidaysburg station collected the most, with 315 pounds. Bedford netted 87 pounds, with Philipsburg coming in third with 85 pounds. Rockview collected 27 pounds, but another Centre Region take-back also was being conducted by Patton Township police at the North Atherton Walmart.

Patton Chief John Petrick said his officers collected 184 pounds of prescription drugs at that location.