Man accused of assault, harassment after police respond to domestic incident

A State College man is being held on $50,000 bail after an alleged domestic incident Sunday.

State College police said Nathan R. Rohrabaugh, 19, of Joyce Drive, was charged with simple assault and harassment.

A police report said that around 2:22 a.m., police responded to Rohrabaugh’s residence for a domestic dispute, but left shortly after with no action taken.

About an hour later, police responded againto the same address and met a witness who said Rohrabaugh attempted to hit and choked a female victim.

The witness reportedly told police that Rohrabaugh and the victim were involved in an argument.

The incident report said that after the argument, the victim ran to the bathroom and locked herself in. Rohrabaugh reportedly followed the victim and when he found the door was locked, he ripped the door off the hinges.

Police said the witness went in the bathroom and found Rohrabaugh holding the victim on the ground by her throat. The witness then pulled Rohrabaugh off the victim and got him to settle down, the report said.

That’s when police arrived to the scene the first time and left.

After the officers left the first time, Rohrabaugh and the victim got into another verbal and physical altercation, and the witness contacted police again.

While speaking to the witness, police said they heard a female yell, “Nathan, stop,” from behind Creekside Plaza — about 300 yards from the residence.

The officers reportedly located Rohrabaugh and the female victim where they took the defendant into custody.