Man who pulled gun on three local police officers gets 16-32 years

James Robert Scholl, 32, of State College, said he wanted to “make a statement” when he pulled a gun on three police officers.

Judge Jonathan Grine made a statement Thursday, giving Scholl 16-32 years in state prison for his actions.

Scholl was found guilty in March of three counts of aggravated assault, attempting to cause serious bodily injury and three counts of aggravated assault, attempt by physical menace to put any officer in danger, both felonies, and misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and resisting arrest, and summary harassment.

He was found guilty in a stipulated bench trial Thursday of an additional charge of being a former convict who was not to possess a firearm.

In September 2013, a fight with his girlfriend over an overturned motorcycle turned physical. When she called police, he tried to prevent her from leaving, but she got past him.

Scholl then threw her purse out the door of her Ferguson Township trailer and locked it behind her. When police arrived, she told them she owned a gun that was in her bedroom.

Officer Brian Shaffer, of Patton Township police, and Sgt. Sean Albright and Officer William Chambers, both of Ferguson Township police, responded to the incident.

When Scholl saw them outside, he took the gun, loaded it and opened the door, pointing it at Chambers’ head. Albright and Shaffer came to help. During a struggle to secure the weapon and gain control of the situation, all three police officers became targets before Scholl was subdued.

“Domestic violence calls are extremely dangerous for law enforcement and the victims of the abuse,” said Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller. “This defendant attempted to ‘make a statement’ with the lives of those sworn to protect us and failed. This sentence ensures he will not have an opportunity to hurt anyone for a very long time.”