Pending objections, judge would allow Second Mile to release funds to Arrow Ministries

Centre Daily Times

A judge will wait to hear possible objections before granting The Second Mile’s request to give more money to a Texas-based ministry that is carrying on the beleaguered charity’s work with at-risk youth.

Judge William Morgan ruled this week that he will approve the request if no objections are filed by June 23, but he also ordered The Second Mile to make the state Attorney General’s Office and any other interested parties aware of the decision.

If any objections come, arguments will be heard July 7 in Centre County Court.

The charity filed a petition last week in Centre County Orphan’s Court seeking permission to give $300,000 to Arrow Family and Child Ministries.

Last year, Arrow took on some programs for at-risk youth developed by The Second Mile, after the charity decided it could no longer continue in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.

The courts had previously blocked a transfer of assets when several of Sandusky’s victims objected and asked that the money be frozen until their cases played out.

One of those cases, brought by the young man known as Victim 6 from the Sandusky case, is still pending, The Second Mile said in its recent filing.

Last year, Morgan did allow The Second Mile to give Arrow $200,000, along with equipment and intellectual property, including three programs for children: Friend, Friend Fitness and Leadership Institute.

The charity, in its latest request, said that Arrow has struggled to make the programs self-sufficient through fundraising and other efforts, and needs money to keep them running another year.

The Second Mile also wants to hand over its endowment fund, which as of April 30 had a balance of $596,932 and generates about $20,000 a year. Officials said the funds can only be used to support the programs, and therefore should be with Arrow.

According to the filing, the charity’s assets total more than $2 million, but that number includes the endowment fund.

The asset total is also dependent on the sale price of land The Second Mile owns near University Park Airport in Patton Township. The land has been appraised at $910,000 but is being listed at $2.1 million.