Share our heritage | Fraser Street School 1961 kindergarten class

This photo shows the Fraser Street School 1961 kindergarten class.
This photo shows the Fraser Street School 1961 kindergarten class. Photo provided

Each Monday, the Centre Daily Times will publish an installment in our “Share our Heritage” series, featuring photos from Centre County’s past. Today’s photo is from John H. Ziegler, of State College.

Ziegler wrote: “The Fraser Street School was used for about 40 years and was in need of serious renovations when the State College Area school board decided to sell it so that a new post office could be built on that site.

“The school district was permitted to use the school building until June 30, 1961. The accompanying photo is of Isabelle Boyd and her last kindergarten class in that school in 1961. After that, Boyd taught in the new Easterly Parkway School, where she continued with her different teaching philosophy, procedures and actions until her retirement.

“One of her mottos was that ‘boys play with boy things and girls play with girl things’ and if you misbehave, you get spanked and/or long sessions of sitting on her notorious ‘green box’.

“Unfortunately, I can’t begin to name all of the students in the photo; however, I do know that our son, Steve, is the happy-looking fellow second from left in the second row and his best friend, David Hudson, is the second from the right in the same row.

“I also know that the first boy on the left in the third row is Steve Wilson and the fourth from the left is Steve MacDowell.

“Currently, none of the students I have identified live locally; however, it is true, for that group of students, many remained in the area and eventually graduated from State College High School in the Class of 1973.

“If you look closely, it appears that as much as possible Boyd has alternated boys and girls in the rows to be photographed. That too appears like something Boyd would do and maybe only for a way to control boys’ behavior.”

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