New Rush Township mine reclamation project funded by state

The state Department of Environmental Protection recently announced it has awarded more than $1.14 million for two mine reclamation projects in Centre County.

The Coaldale mine project in Rush Township will reclaim 58 acres of abandoned mine land, last mined before 1966 by K&M Kephart Mining Co.

Part of the site includes an illegal waste dump, and one residence and five hunting camps are located within 1,000 feet of the highwalls, according to DEP.

Morgan’s Excavating LLC, of Mount Union, will receive $819,444 for the job, which will involve removing 10 tons of solid waste and is expected to be completed by late June 2015.

DEP also announced last week that it is funding the Moshannon North Project in Snow Shoe Township.

The project will reclaim 25 acres mined in the 1950s by E.L. Craft, Cherry Run Mining Co. and Frank T. Hertlein.

According to DEP, the site is located within 300 feet of a residence and a business, and has almost three-quarters of a mile of dangerous highwalls.

DEP said as many mature trees as possible will be preserved because the area is used for hunting, and that the project will help to improve the water quality of a nearby receiving wetland.