Second Mile asset transfer granted

The Second Mile will be allowed to transfer some of its assets to another charitable group.

Senior Judge William Morgan, the Warren and Forest counties judge tapped to preside over The Second Mile case, issued a ruling Wednesday permitting the move requested in a supplemental petition submitted in May.

The court had ordered that any objections to the petition be filed by June 23. With none entered, the judge entered his decree.

Morgan is allowing The Second Mile to give $300,000 to Arrow Family and Child Ministries, a struggling Texas-based ministry using at-risk youth programs developed by the Centre County charity founded by convicted child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky.

The judge also ordered the transfer of The Second Mile Endowment Fund, deposited at SEI Private Trust Co., to Arrow. As of April 30, that fund had a balance of $596,932. It generates about $20,000 a year.

Arrow also will inherit 10 computers from The Second Mile under the terms of the decree.

In May, Dave Woodle, The Second Mile’s CEO, said that the endowment’s proceeds can only be used to operate programs and should be aligned with the organization that is now managing them.

“This endowment will stay in Pennsylvania and be used to operate programs by Arrow within the state,” Woodle said in a May email.

This is the second time Morgan has allowed Second Mile money and assets to go to Arrow. In April 2013, he granted a petition to transfer $200,000, plus physical assets and intellectual property. That included three children’s programs Arrow is using.

Remaining assets, however, are still off-limits, at least for now.

The judge stipulated that the rest of The Second Mile’s money and properties stay in the charity’s hands, “pending final disposition of all litigation, claims or related matters, or further order of this court.”

The value of those assets is questionable. Court documents set it at more than $2 million, but almost a quarter of that is the endowment. Land owned by the charity in Patton Township is one of the biggest assets, but its value runs the gamut from a $910,000 appraisal to its list price of $2.1 million.