New clues indicate missing Julian woman hitchhiked, may be out of the area

The search for a missing local woman may be turning out of the area.

Susan Bachman, 37, of Julian, was last seen July 4, when she jumped from a moving car while her parents were driving on Interstate 80, taking her to get treatment at Clarion Psychiatric Center. For more than a week, her family has been organizing searches, bringing in dogs and retracing her last steps.

On Saturday, her brother, Will Bachman, said that new information is pointing them farther afield.

A new dog was brought in, a trailing dog, and that fresh nose is saying that Susan seems to have hitchhiked away from her last known location.

Will said that the dog was taken to the barn where Susan’s disabled telephone and her wallet filled with identification and bank cards was found. The property owner has reported seeing a woman matching Susan’s description fleeing from the barn. The dog followed the same path.

“That gave me a good feeling,” Will said.

The dog followed a covert path, staying near roads, but not on them, just as Will says he would expect his sister, whom the family’s missing posters describe as “experiencing a psychotic episode,” to take.

From there, the path did hit the road, and then stopped. The dog’s handler said the animal’s behavior indicated that Susan got into a vehicle at that point.

Will said his family is now looking for information on anyone who may have picked up a hitchhiker on U.S. Route 322 or Route 28 in Clarion or Jefferson counties on July 4.

The family is also expanding its cybersearching. Their website,, has clocked more than 60,000 hits in the past week. The family also has added a Facebook page, www.facebook. com/findsusanbachman.