Spotify ranks Penn State among schools listening to the most music

Spotify, a digital-music service, revealed Penn State as one of the top 40 universities around the country that listen to the most music. Penn State was ranked 15th, one spot below Ohio State.

Spotify compiled the list by tracking students at schools with the highest sign-up rates for the company’s student deal last semester. The company then compiled the number of songs and the genres students selected at each school.

According to Spotify, Penn State students mostly listened to pop music, which made up about 60 percent of the chosen tunes.

Penn State’s musical taste also was compared to national averages. Students listened to slightly more pop, dance, hip hop and R&B music than the national average but listened to slightly less country, rock and folk music.

Among individual artists, Spotify found Penn State students listened to Drake, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Coldplay and Avicii the most.