Bellefonte Area school board gives OK to more scoreboard purchases

The Bellefonte Area school board has approved the purchase of four additional scoreboards for its athletic facilities.

At a board meeting Tuesday night, Ken Bean, district director of fiscal affairs, said it would cost the district $23,445.

Board President Keith Hamilton said a capital campaign is still in the works to offset some of the costs.

The district hopes to work with local businesses and community members to help fund the scoreboards.

The scoreboards include one for varsity baseball, varsity softball and junior varsity softball, and one to be shared by the junior varsity baseball and soccer teams, according to the district.

A new football scoreboard had already been purchased.

Bean said he had met with representatives from Reliance Bank, who provided him with a copy of the bank’s logo, which will be on the new football scoreboard.

The bank agreed to sponsor the football scoreboard, which was installed earlier this month at the southeast side of the field.

Reliance Bank will provide the district $5,000 a year for four years, which Bean said would cover the cost of the football scoreboard.