Foundation trouble adds to cost of Courthouse Annex project in Bellefonte

Unforeseen foundation troubles have increased costs for the Courthouse Annex/Temple Court project by $166,000.

According to Centre County Board of Commissioners Vice Chairman Chris Exarchos, the foundation required additional concrete and shoring to ensure the Bellefonte buildings will be stable.

“Frankly, until you dig it up, there’s no way of knowing what you’ll find there,” he said. “I guess 100 years ago they did things a little differently than they do today.”

Had this construction not been done and deficiencies not found, the quality of the future buildings could have been in jeopardy, Chairman Steve Dershem said.

Dershem said he hoped the timetable wouldn’t be affected.

“The concern now is to get the walls and roof in place so they have the structure,” he said. “After that, we can finish work on the inside.”