Secondary Route 322 crash under investigation

State College police are investigating a secondary crash that happened Friday as law enforcement officials were investigating another injury crash on U.S. Route 322.

A police report said the crash happened at the intersection of Earlystown Road and Boal Avenue in Harris Township about 4:30 p.m., when the driver struck an official who was directing traffic.

Police said that traffic coming from Earlystown Road was blocked by fire police who were directing traffic to go straight or turn northwest on Boal Avenue.

Lt. Mark Argiro said the operator was driving on Earlystown Road and wanted to make a left hand turn onto Boal Avenue to go to the beer distributor store that was about 200 feet away.

Argiro said when officials told the driver he could not make a left-hand turn, the driver turned left anyway.

As the driver continued, a fire police official allegedly put his arm inside the driver’s vehicle and attempted to stop the driver by holding the steering wheel.

The driver continued into the beer store and made his purchase, the accident report said.

Police said the official sustained an arm injury and was transported to Mount Nittany Medical Center.

When the driver attempted to leave, a second official approach the driver attempting to stop him from leaving the scene by putting his knees on the bumper of the vehicle. The driver then backed up and drove around the second officer, the police report said.

Argiro said police are still investigating the incident.