Marriage licenses

The following applications for marriage licenses recently were filed in the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court in the Willowbank Building:

Enos King Fisher, Howard, and Elsie Lapp Stoltzfus, Spring Mills

James Bawell Glick, Howard, and Kristina Mae Zook, Rebersburg

Robert David Cohen, Bellefonte, and Bonnie Elizabeth Walker, Bellefonte

Matthew Kenneth Ross, Bellefonte, and Jennifer Faith Bruner, Bellefonte

Abner Z. Fisher Jr., Aaronsburg, and Rebecca Lapp Beiler, Allenwood

Samuel Fisher Stoltzfus, Bellefonte, and Susie King Esh, Aaronsburg

Benuel Glick Esch, Howard, and Linda Lapp Esh, Howard

Levi Esh Stoltzfus, Madisonburg, and Lydia Smoker Fisher, Allenwood

Reuben Stoltzfus Lapp, Mill Hall, and Anna Beiler Fisher, Aaronsburg

Eli Tony Covalt, Spring Mills, and Jenny Marie Weston, Julian

Levi P. Kauffman, Loganton, and Sylvia King Beiler, Howard

Benjamin Zook Beiler, Paradise, and Anna Ruth King, Rebersburg

Yiyang Gong, State College, and Yuanyuan Weng, State College

Shane Joseph Richard, Lewistown, and Amanda Kathryn Peiffer, State College

James Allen Reed II, Davidson, N.C., and Casandra Leigh Niebel, Davidson, N.C.

Christopher Owen Garbick, Port Matilda, and Kim Marie Haas, Port Matilda