Ferguson Township woman ends spooky Halloween haunted house tradition with final fiendish effort

CDT photo

Marian Goldstine took Halloween to a new level for 14 years.

She transformed her Glenwood Court home into a haunted house for those bold enough to venture past her cozy living room and into her basement’s maze of scares.

It was her last time hosting a haunted house, though, news that was met with disappointment from neighbors.

“It’s a happy and sad day for me, too,” Goldstine said. “It’s a lot of work for a 71-year old, but it’s been a lot of fun, too.”

Adam Navarra, 11, said he went through the haunted house last year, so he thought he wouldn’t get spooked.

He was wrong.

“There was a guy that got us, because I think he knew our voices,” Navarra said.

Dakota Bond, 13, and Nate Gray, 14, said the best scare was a man in a gorilla suit that remained still next to a fake gorilla. They said he let people think he wasn’t real and jumped at them just as they decided to keep going.

The man in the suit was Goldstine’s neighbor Nolan Fisher, who is a Penn State freshman. He’s helped Goldstine scare trick-or-treaters for six years.

“I get to scare a lot of people, so it’s a lot of fun,” Nolan said. “I really try to get the dads and parents the best, and sometimes they run out before the kids do.”

Young children brave enough to go through, from 4-year old Jackie Hostetler to 7-year old Josh Rodriguez, said they weren’t scared when they came out.

“I have good control of who we scare and who we let walk through just to see,” Goldstine said.

The youngest children, such as 1-year old ninja turtle Rainer Watkins, skipped the haunted house altogether.

“There are some people that do take in really, really young children, 2-years old or 3-years old, and I wouldn’t take them through it,” Goldstine said.

Others in the neighborhood said they hoped to begin their own tradition of scaring trick-or-treaters.

Jeanne Mathis-Halpin and Melissa Halpin passed out treats on their driveway, distracting from Bruce Halpin’s more sinister plan of jumping out at teenagers a few feet away.

“We’re out here every year to pass out treats, but Bruce has talked about scaring people for years,” Mathis-Halpin said. “We love Halloween, the costumes, the kids, and we have really great neighbors.”

Bruce Halpin, who dressed as a zombie, got his first two scares just after 6 p.m., when Melissa and Crickett Kensinger stopped to stare at him.

“Oh my God,” the Kensingers screamed.

There’s a new scarer in town.