Rep. Glenn Thompson cruises to re-election

Glenn Thompson talks with supporters at Mountain View Country Club on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014.
Glenn Thompson talks with supporters at Mountain View Country Club on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. CDT photo

Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson won a fourth term in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District on Tuesday, defeating Democratic challenger Kerith Strano Taylor.

Thompson’s team called the victory at about 9:45 p.m. as the congressman and his supporters waited for the results at Mountain View Country Club.

He thanked his campaign team, family and his supporters for their hard work, saying, “You don’t accomplish anything like this on your own, and I’m just so appreciative to everyone for all the work.”

Thompson spent Tuesday canvassing the 16-county district, he said early in the day as he greeted voters outside the Ferguson Township Municipal Building. He traveled from Erie, through the heart of the district into State College, making stops in Patton and Ferguson townships and on the University Park campus.

He said his hard work in the district had earned him the re-election and that he’s been told by other members of Congress he has set a very high bar.

“Pick a spot in any of the 16 counties, 24 percent of the land mass of the state, and they all feel like I’m a hometown boy,” he said.

With the campaign ending, Thompson said it’s back to work Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. with meetings at Penn State and addressing an International Conference on Telemedicine via video conference.

He said he wants to continue with the successes Pennsylvania has seen, such as in gas prices below $3.

“It’s all because of domestic energy production,” he said. “Today, Pennsylvanians and Americans are able to enjoy a little less pain at the pump.”

Judith Wilson, of Boalsburg, said she voted for the congressman because of his accessibility and willingness to answer questions.

“Glenn Thompson is a solid man who is down to earth, has common sense, and what he says he does,” she said.

Angela Anderson, along with her daughter Jordan, 11, held signs supporting Thompson and Gov. Tom Corbett in front of the Boalsburg Fire Company.

“We support G.T. because he’s on the agricultural committee,” she said, “and that’s important to us.”

Strano Taylor spent Election Day on the road meeting with supporters as well.

She, too, started in Erie, winding her way to the Centre Region then back to her hometown. She stopped at the Boalsburg Fire Hall to greet voters and encourage supporters.

“At this point, we’ve done everything we can do,” she said regarding her chances in the election. “I feel proud of what we’ve accomplished, because we’ve moved folks that typically never cross party lines to vote and have a conversation about what’s wrong with the system.”

Strano Taylor said she’s pleased with her work, adding that “It was well-worth the 10-month effort to take the shot at it.”

Barbara Massey said the candidate is an inspiration for women to speak and for young girls to get involved.

“I have two daughters and three granddaughters,” she said. “I think it’s great that women speak up and speak their minds and get involved in the process.”

Strano Taylor ran on a platform that promoted strengthening education and getting people back to work.

She and her supporters gathered at the Coffee Cakes Café in Brookville to await the results.

At press time, 92 percent of precincts had reported with Thompson winning in all counties within the district. No statement from Strano Taylor was available.

Although Thompson said he doesn’t count his ballots before they’re cast, the incumbent heavily outspent Strano Taylor during the campaign. According to Open Secrets, which tracks money in politics, Thompson raised $1.2 million toward his campaign, spending more than $957,000.

Strano Taylor raised almost $144,000 and spent about $105,000, Open Secrets reported.