Car hits Dick’s Homecare building in College Township

A woman accidentally drove into the Dick’s Homecare building in College Township Thursday morning but escaped injury.

State College police officer Mike Mamolen said the woman, who was not identified, was pulling up to the Benner Pike business in her Chrevolet Prizm when she jumped a curb and hit a low brick wall to the left of the front door, apparently because she pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake.

“It was a mistake,” Mamolen said. “She just went over the curb.”

Dick’s Homecare employees said they heard two loud crashes but did not see anything.

Alpha firefighter Steve Bair, the fire director for Centre Region Council of Governments, said the facade bricks were pushed in about 6 inches and the frames for the glass door and plate glass window were bent. But, he said, all the glass remained intact and the building did not sustain major structural damage.

Though the front door could not be locked, it was usable and the business stayed open.

After the accident, the woman backed off the curb into a parking space. Mamolen said she did not need medical treatment and, because the accident occured in a private parking lot, will not be cited.