Currency scam reportedly stings College Township Wal-Mart

A College Township Wal-Mart claims it was scammed by a pair of men when a cashier’s drawer came up short.

State College police said the Wal-Mart at 373 Benner Pike reported Thursday that “two heavy-set black men” entered the store and bought a pack of gum, paying with a $100 bill. One of the men then started requesting change in a number of small bills.

“What usually happens is guys start swapping out different bills, asking for two $10s for a $20, they change some more, and the next thing you know the drawer comes up short,” State College police Lt. Mark Argiro said.

Police did not release the amount missing from the drawer. The two men allegedly had pulled a similar scam at a Wal-Mart in DuBois, police said.