Police call for orderly celebration

State College police Chief Tom King said the department will have additional staff on duty Friday night and will work in conjunction with Penn State police to assist with expected reactions to the news of the repeal of the NCAA consent decree and sanctions against Penn State.

“We understand that this is another exciting time for our student population,” he said.

In September, after the NCAA announced the bowl ban against the football program would be lifted, there was a celebration on Beaver Avenue, and King said he expects a similar celebration Friday night.

There was little damage and few arrests that evening, he said, a reflection of the class of students and community.

Officer Kelly Aston said police will monitor the situation.

“I hope everyone will make responsible decisions,” she said.

“Our students last time acted with a high level of enthusiasm but also respect,” Penn State President Eric Barron said. “I was pleased by their behavior. I hope ... I can be equally proud today.”