Arctic chill, more snow in forecast for Centre County

Snow may have refreshed the coat of white on the roads and sidewalks of Centre County on Friday, but residents should be watching the thermometer more than the snowplows Saturday morning.

According to the National Weather Service, a wind chill advisory was to be in effect through Saturday morning. Wind chills as low as minus 20 degrees were expected with 15 to 25 mph winds and gusts to 45 mph.

A low-pressure system over the New England coastal areas will deepen as the day goes on, NWS meteorologist Paul Head said. With high pressure building up to the west, the area will basically be caught in a wind tunnel between the two systems.

“It’s kind of like the streets of Chicago,” he said late Friday morning. “The wind comes off the lake and accelerates between the buildings. Pretty much, that’s where Pennsylvania will be for the next 12 to 24 hours.”

He advised to dress appropriately and not remain outside for any length of time.

Snow also is expected from Sunday into Monday, the National Weather Service reported. Additional snow amounts could reach about 6 inches, Head said — not a heavy storm, but worth residents being prepared.

Snow is expected to start sometime Sunday afternoon, he said, and continue into midday Monday. A medium snow is expected — not heavy and wet, but not light and fluffy either.

According to Ken Bean, of the Bellefonte Area School District, any potential school delays or cancellations by area districts will be discussed Sunday after reviewing the weather forecasts at that time.