Marriage Licenses

The following applications for marriage licenses have been filed recently in the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court in the Willowbank Building.

Antonios Armaou, State College, and Evgenia Barkoula, Patras, Greece

Jesses Lee Albert, Sandy Ridge, and Lindara May Friday, Sandy Ridge

Brian Carl Long, Spring Mills, and Mary Christine Brown, Spring Mills

Brent William Shoffner, Port Matilda, and Erika Karina Arismendi, Port Matilda

Robert C. Klingler, State College, and Dawn G. Taylor, State College

Steven John Anders, Albuqueque, N.M., and Stacey Leann Dalby, Albuqueque, N.M.

Matthew David Bonson, Bellefonte, and Margaret Lauren Rougeux, Bellefonte

John Mali Hunter, State College, and Martha Mojica, State College

Randall Emory Markle, Pennsylvania Furnace, and Cynthia Lee Lanager, Pennsylvania Furnace

Benjamin Paul Novak, State College, and Erika Susan Bastian, State College

John Jeffrey Ungar, State College, and Mara Katria Pettman, State College