NWS: tornado touched down Monday near Colyer Lake

The National Weather Service announced Thursday that a preliminary investigation indicated a tornado touched down near Colyer Lake in Centre County at 7:55 p.m. Monday.

The tornado formed along Church Hill Road in Potter Township, continued northeast and sporadically touched down for about a mile. A barn along Dogtown Road suffered roof damage, though most of the damage was confined to trees in the tornado’s path.

The estimated maximum wind speed of the tornado was 65 mph, and its maximum width was 40 yards.

“It was a very weak tornado as far as tornadoes go,” NWS meteorologist Mike Dangelo said. “However, it still can be dangerous if you’ve seen pictures of the trees there. It did knock some trees in its path.”

The tornado was classified as an EF0 based on the Enhanced Fujita scale, a rating of the strength of twisters in the United States and Canada based on the damage they cause, the lowest possible grade.

Dangelo said its about the right time of year that Pennsylvania could start to see tornadoes.

“In Pennsylvania I think the average number is in the mid-teens, and about 14 is that average over many years,” he said. “Thistime of year we get more warm air, and if conditions are right we can get them. The peak time for tornadoes historically is in June and July.”

The NWS will continue to investigate and offer a final review on the incident.