Marriage licenses

The following applications for marriage licenses have been filed recently in the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court in the Willowbank Building.

Todd Russell Beaumont, Bellefonte, and Adina Corrine Harlan, Bellefonte

Michael Ralph Breon, Spring Mills, and Lori Ann Showers, Spring Mills

J. Taylor Campbell, Philipsburg, and Sierra Elaine Morrow, Philipsburg

Dustin James Chaffin, Howard, and Tracy Lynn McDonald, Howard

Calvin Clyde Glass Jr., Coalport, and Amanda Leanne Kuhlman, Spring Mills

Debra Kittle Greenleaf, State College, and Karen Sue Feldbaum, State College

Donald Charles Hampton, Millheim, and Tanya Rissmiller, State College

David Crawford Caporaletti, State College, and Amanda Gail Goodwin, State College

Jesse William Corl, Clarence, and Summer Dawn Guenot, Clarence

Dennis Jay Crust, Bellefonte, and Sheila Belle Black, Bellefonte

Patrick Eugene Davidson, Bellefonte, and Beverly Diane Burris, Bellefonte

Timothy-Brian Gosalvez, Bellefonte, and Emma Nellie Stuck, Bellefonte

Philip Albert Smith, Howard, and Heather Renee Lewis, Howard

James William Belko, Port Matilda, and Amy Lee Rider, Port Matilda

Timothy Brad Conaway, Bellefonte, and Rachel Louisa Altemus, Bellefonte

Cosme Santiago Duran, Centre Hall, and Shanna Marie Smith, Centre Hall

Harry Franklin Gearhart Jr., Bellefonte, and Frances Parsons, State College

Zhongwei Hu, State College, and Lili Gai, State College

Adam Joseph Last, Erie, and Beth Anna Bimber, State College

Kyle Wesley Lutes, Arlington, Va., and Cara June Becker, Arlington, Va.

Nicholas Owen Miller, Millheim, and Natalie Ruth Torres, Millheim

Christian James Renoe, Port Matilda, and Jennifer Lin Gilbert, Port Matilda

Christian Isidro Rodriguez, Madisonburg, and Julie Lynn Shay, Madisonburg

Kevin Thomas Shock, State College, and Lisa Christine Bahr, Julian

Eugene Joseph Simoni Jr., Bellefonte, and Julie Ann Marko, Bellefonte