Marriage licenses

The following applications for marriage licenses have been filed recently in the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court in the Willowbank Building.

Michael John Bailey, Port Matilda, and Cathy Lynne Moore, Julian

Jamison Fisher Conley, Westover, W.Va., and Lee Ann Wasson Nolan, State College

Curtis Bryan Loesch, Bellefonte, and Kari Anne Shivery, Bellefonte

Ian Andrew Mackenzie, Union City, and Sarah Elizabeth Abbott, Rebersburg

Asa Nicholas Shumskas-Tait, Los Angeles, and Frances Theresa Camperlino, Los Angeles

James Russell DeWolfe, State College, and Suzanna Linn, State College

Jerry Len Gardner Jr., Bellefonte, and Briana Marchelle Shirk, Bellefonte

Wade Michael Harpster, Bellefonte, and Tanya Lynn Snyder, Bellefonte

Christopher Scott Martin, Altoona, and Megan Clay Bettwy, Altoona

Chad Michael Chaplain, Howard, and Mandy Linne Musser, Howard

Shawn Anthony Urich, Milesburg, and Melinda Dyan Korb, Milesburg

Nathan Noel Aileo, State College, and Adeline Jacqueline Simone LeBeaux, State College

David Miguel Goncalves, Boalsburg, and Hope Nadine Prothero, Boalsburg

Terry Andrew Nowicki, Lemont, and Stacey Ann Krupski, Lemont

Leonard Charles Korman, Bellefonte, and Leanne Gay Vance, Bellefonte

Justin Thomas Glantz, Port Matilda, and Joanna Lee Pighetti, Port Matilda

Cory Eugene Stabley, Blanchard, and Kala Brook Biggans, Lock Haven

Stephen James Thor, State College, and Erin Elisabeth Clegg, Bellefonte

Michael Andrew Turns, Philadelphia, and Kelsey Gene Fleming, Philadelphia

Scott Allen Whitehill, Bellefonte, and Sara Elizabeth Smith, Bellefonte