Share our heritage | Fall 1960 Philipsburg Junior High Football Team

Pictured are members of the 1960 Philipsburg Junior High Football Team.
Pictured are members of the 1960 Philipsburg Junior High Football Team. Photo provided

Each Monday, the Centre Daily Times will publish an installment in our “Share our Heritage” series, featuring photos from Centre County’s past. Today’s photo is from Thomas E. Muir, of Lamar.

Muir wrote: “The 1960-61 school year was very eventful for first year teacher Leon C. Muir, who assumed the head junior high football coaching position previously held by civics teacher Gifford Ammerman.

“Leon ultimately became the school’s guidance counselor, before succeeding Russell ‘Muddy’ Lucas to become the longtime Philipsburg Junior High principal until his retirement.

“His 1960 junior high football team joined with their Osceola Junior High counterpart teammates to achieve an outstanding 8-1-1 varsity team win-loss record in the fall of 1963 under head coach William Haushalter.

“The ninth-graders from that 1960 Philipsburg Junior High Football Team celebrated their 50th-year class reunion with their fellow classmates in July (2014) at the Philipsburg Elks Country Club, where they were joined by former P-O football coach Raymond ‘Bud’ O’Brien, and former P-O cheerleading adviser Donna (Goldthorpe) Watson.”

Those in the photo are, from left:

Front row (seated): No. 19 Scott Finnigan; No. 6 James Alsop; No. 5 Sam Gunter; No. 7 Gary Greer; No. 6 Unidentified; No. 2 Rich Griffin; No. 3 Wayne Giesel; No. 12 Bob Berg; No. 33 John Wood; No. 2 Mike Levin; and No. 20 Al Curtis.

Middle row: Denny Bumgardner; No. 15 Carmen Zuccarelli; No. 8 Unidentified; No. 81 Gerry Rusnak; No. 4 Ray Pezalski; No. 8 Howard Dixon; No. 8 John Counsman; No. 1 Bob Bloom; No. 14 Dick Condo; Greg Potts and Jim Sanderson.

Top row: Head Coach Leon C. Muir; Paul Mayhew; Freddie Covey; Frank Willis; No. 7 Chuck Stein; No. 18 Tom Muir; No. 15 Barry Gunter; Unidentified; No. 10 Woody Kephart; No. 38 Greg Stine; No. 2 Don Gulick; No. 36 Jack Chandler; No. 24 Jack Fleckinstine; No. 25 Robert Smith; No. 6 Alan Bresnick; Ed Cambria; Bill Abbott; Unidentified; Unidentified; and assistant coach Al Madelen

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