Rockview visitor faces drug charges

Janet Bundy
Janet Bundy Photo provided

State police arrested a Philadelphia woman Saturday after corrections officers at Rockview state prison reported she tried to take drugs into the facility while checking in to visit her son.

Janet Bundy, 56, is charged with three felony counts of drug possession with intent to deliver, a felony contraband charge and a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

A corrections officer reported to state police that when Bundy was checking in at about 11 a.m., she placed a “wadded up” brown paper towel on his desk and pushed it behind his computer, according to the criminal complaint.

Another corrections officer with a service dog was present in the check-in area, and the dog reportedly alerted the handler that Bundy was in possession of drugs. The corrections officer then looked in the paper towel, which reportedly contained 12 multicolored balloons containing suspected marijuana stuffed inside a plastic bag, according to court documents.

State police were notified, and a search yielded four hydrocodone and carisoprodol pills each inside of a brown napkin in her jacket pocket, according to court documents.

Police said Bundy told them she had prescriptions for the pills and took them along in case she needed them.

She also reportedly denied trying to take the balloons into the prison and reported that the wadded paper towel was already at the corrections officer’s desk when she checked in and she picked it up to see what was inside, according to police. She told police that she put it back after observing “colored stuff” inside, according to court documents.

Bundy was arraigned Saturday before District Judge Tom Jordan, who set bail at 10 percent of $20,000, which was posted Sunday.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.