Bellefonte stalking suspect jailed on $1 million bail

A Bellefonte man suspected of stalking his ex-wife and damaging vehicles belonging to her boyfriend is in Centre County Correctional Facility in lieu of $1 million bail.

Bellefonte police arrested Brian Fisher, 49, on charges of stalking, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief Friday. Police began investigating Fisher on Monday after they responded to the ex-wife’s home, where the tires of her boyfriend’s truck had been slashed.

Investigators determined that the cuts were intentional and done with a knife or other sharp object. Fisher’s ex-wife later reported that Fisher followed her in a vehicle at different points in the day and flashed the “I love you” sign-language sign at her when stopped at a red light, according to court documents.

A protection from abuse order was served against Fisher in February 2014, and court documents indicate that he was charged several times for violating the order and served time in county jail for the offenses.

While investigating the tire slashing, Bellefonte police learned of an incident last February involving the boyfriend’s tractor and trailer. The truck shut off when the man was traveling on Interstate 80 and caused more than $7,000 worth of damage, not counting lost wages, according to police. State police suspected that someone had put something in the fuel tank of the truck, causing the malfunction.

Suspects in the incident last year were questioned by Bellefonte police and they reported that Fisher had paid two of them $250 to dump a mixture of sugar, bleach and laundry detergent into the gas tank of the boyfriend’s truck shortly after the PFA was ordered, according to police.

The other men have not been charged in connection with the incident last year. They denied any involvement in the tire slashing this year, police said.

Bellefonte police talked to Fisher about the incidents. He reportedly denied involvement in both and said the encounters between him and his ex-wife were coincidental, according to court documents.

Fisher has a prior record of violating PFAs. Court documents indicate that Fisher served nine days in jail for violating a PFA regarding another woman in 2009.

Fisher was arraigned before District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker on Friday. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. An attorney for Fisher wasn’t listed in court documents.