Marriage licenses

The following applications for marriage licenses have been filed recently in the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans Court in the Willowbank Building.

Daniel James Blankenberg, State College, and Rachel Lorraine Markley, State College

Lewis Mikel Bumbarger, Allport, and Nazmiye Olcay, Allport

Derick Jason Burns, Bellefonte, and Melissa Mehler, Bellefonte

Adam Reid Levitt, Santa Monica, Calif., and Sandra Beth Zeger, Santa Monica, Calif.

Steven Douglas Lyons, Bellefonte, and Tina Marie Walters, Bellefonte

Josef Christofer Miller, Bellefonte, and Katie Lee Walker, Bellefonte

Stephen Moczydlowski, State College, and Stephanie Elizabeth Mellott, State College

Joseph Andrew Veres II, State College, and Jessie Colleen O’Connell, State College

Matthew Joel Bush, Philipsburg, and Megan Renee Gormont, Philipsburg

Robert Benjamin Hudson, State College, and Chelsea Nicole Hans, State College

James Peter Koval, Lafayette, Ind., and Leanna Kay Sollenberger, Lafayette, Ind.

Joshua Leroy Snyder, Howard, and Davon Marie McCloskey, Milesburg

Michael Charles Kraker, Port Matilda, and Augusta Quinn Geer, State College

Todd Stewart Lawton, State College, and Kristen NIcole Arnold, State College

Jia Luo, Jersey City, N.J., and Chuying Ma, State College

Michael Christian Smith, Moshannon, and Shannon Darcy Brown, Bellefonte

Bennett Neil Ulmer, Bellefonte, and Andrew Russell Burgwald, Bellefonte

Cole Morgan Arnold, Bedford, and Veronica Lynn Jeffries, Bedford

Patrick Shawn Briscoe, Morrisdale, and Christina Nicole Dembowski

Paul John Fisher, Howard, and Lauren Elizabeth Shutika, Bellefonte

Timothy David Kessling, Bellefonte, and Kaitlin Vanessa Pyle, Bellefonte

John Terrance Sheridan, State College, and Marion Handfield Wheland, Pennsylvania Furnace

Michael Alan Baughman, Bellefonte, and Jessica Lynne Birkbeck, Bellefonte

Corey Christopher Flores, Fairfax, Va., and Kara Nicole Manoogian, Arlington, Va.

Brett Daniel Jones, Hoboken, N.J., and Rachel Ann Brown, Hoboken, N.J.

Kamesh Madduri, Port Matilda, and Prasanna Sree Sowmya Pasumarthi Venkata Nagah, Port Matilda

Keef Robert Austin Davison, Bellefonte, and Samantha Willa Spencer, State College

Ryan Michael Houseknecht, State College, and Jamie Lynn Shoemaker, State College

Jonathan Paul Leslie, Pennsylvania Furnace, and Caroline Margaret Wilson, Pennsylvania Furnace

David John Mulqueen, Gibsonia, and Hannah Dolores Nellis, Wexford

Jason David Roan, Bellefonte, and Danielle Nicole Hann, Bellefonte