Philipsburg man acquitted in gun-purchase case

A Philipsburg man accused of writing false information on an ATF form while attempting to purchase a firearm last June was found not guilty of all charges after a jury trial before Judge Pamela A. Ruest on Monday.

Chad Andrus, 33, was charged with a felony count of making a false statement and a misdemeanor count of making unsworn falsifications to authorities in February after state police said he intentionally wrote inaccurate information regarding prior offenses on an ATF firearms transaction record while trying to buy a rifle, according to court documents.

However, Jason Dunkle, Andrus’s attorney, said his client didn’t enter the wrong information on purpose and the answers were because of a misunderstanding of the questions posed on the forms.

“I believe the jury did a great job considering all the evidence and finding him not guilty of the charges,” Dunkle said.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Jessica Lathrop.