Region won’t be affected by Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin, as tricky as it has been to project, will not make landfall.

AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines said that forecasters in the company felt that way Thursday and became confident in that prediction Friday.

The most anyone will be affected by the hurricane, he said, is that rain could hit the most eastern part of the New England region.

“It’ll stay out over the water, even for East Coast areas,” Kines said. “While there is going to be rain and gusty winds over the East Coast, it won’t be related to the hurricane. There will still be a rough surf and beach erosion, but that’s primarily because of days of an easterly wind, not so much because of the hurricane. The East Coast is dodging a bullet.”

Once thought to be potentially affected by the hurricane, the central Pennsylvania region will go unscathed.

“We will get some rain tonight and tomorrow, but that’s not associated with the hurricane,” Kines said Friday. “The front that came through a few days ago that brought cooler weather and rain, the moisture from that is coming back westward tonight and tomorrow. Usually our weather goes west to east, so it’s unusual that it’ll go east to west. It’ll come back and visit us.”

Rain was forecast toreturn to the region Friday, develop into heavy rain Friday night and taper off Saturday afternoon.

“You might get wet if you’re tailgating, but when you get into the lunch hour and further into (Saturday) afternoon you’ll probably be OK,” Kines said. “The big thing about (Saturday), it won’t be getting wet tailgating, but it’ll be a chilly day.”

Temperatures are expected to dip into the upper 40s overnight and likely won’t get back into the 50s.