On Centre | Penn State: Welcome home

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

Homecoming is more than just a parade and a football game. It’s not just a peculiar rite of fall when the alumni come back to roost. Homecoming is a time when graduates and undergraduates come together in a celebration of the past and the future.

With a parade and a football game.

Homecoming at Penn State is coming back to campus to walk under the canopy of tall trees again and reconnect with the squirrels that call them home.

Homecoming is remembering the stuff that made your years on campus amazing and marveling at the things that have changed along the way. For example, that building in the middle of Shortlidge that I never ever expect because it wasn’t there on the campus that I remember from back in the day.

And it’s bigger than the campus.

Like the parade, homecoming spills across College Avenue to the familiar haunts of downtown, to grilled stickies at The Diner and a beer at the Rathskeller and remember when this place used to be that place we loved?

When I was a kid, it meant coming back to campus with my family, as my stepfather talked about how everything had changed since his days studying agriculture and finance when both the university and the town were a lot smaller.

This year, it will be me bringing my son to campus, getting a scoop at Berkey Creamery, taking a ride by the Nittany Lion shrine and inevitably being surprised by the building that shouldn’t be there when I turn down Shortlidge.

Homecoming isn’t just about you coming back or the students who occupy campus now. It’s about making the next generation fall in love with the university.

There’s no place like home.