Voters guide: Centre County Recorder of Deeds

All candidates were asked to respond to the following question:

What are your three top priorities for this position?

Centre County Recorder of Deeds

Term: Four years

Salary: $64,896/year


Joseph L. Davidson

Campaign website:

Date of birth: Sept. 18, 1960

Education: Penn State business administration degree; State College Area schools.

Occupation: Centre County recorder of deeds

Qualifications: Elected Centre County recorder of deeds November 1999. Over 35 years experience in business, management, finance, marketing and customer service.

Answer to question: We will continue to extend and advance the computerized land records system that the recorder’s office uses. Many organizations recognize our system as one of the best in the country. We will promote positive and efficient office activities to maximize public satisfaction and continue to provide customers with the high service levels they expect. We will continue to explore new and advancing technologies for all business practices for our office and implement new technologies and techniques that keep operating cost as low as possible. We will never lose sight of the basic function of government at the county level: public service.


Georgi R. Bennett

Campaign website:

Date of birth: Jan. 8, 1952

Education: Bald Eagle Area High School

Occupation: Customer service account analyst

Qualifications: Penn State, 30 years in budgeting/accounting/human resource assistant. Cannon Instruments, three years customer service account analyst. Co-owner/operator of a small farm.

Answer to question: 1. Trust: Much of the general public’s perception is that government is “self-serving and corrupt.” The recent Centre County “courthouse scandals” have supported those perceptions and embarrassed our community. Restoring that trust should be a top priority! 2. Service: Public officials and staff are professional servants! The primary function of our government is “to serve the people!“ Remind all county government personnel that they are working for the residents. Every person is their employer! 3. Efficiency: Research and implement new technologies and procedures, as determined, to become/remain as efficient as possible.