Voters guide: Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors

All candidates were asked to respond to the following question:

What are your three top priorities for this position?

Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors

Term: Four years

Salary: $4,125/year

Ward 1


Dick Mascolo

Date of birth: July 18, 1934

Education: 1956, Purdue University, B.S. ME

Occupation: Retired

Qualifications: Township supervisor for 11½ years; board chairman, eight years. Licensed professional engineer, 24 years of management in an industrial manufacturer.

Answer to question: 1. Provide residents with the services they demand (fire, police, snow removal, highway maintenance, etc.) at a reasonable cost. Have not increased taxes since 2008. 2. Maintain current zoning in agricultural lands. Maintain current regional growth boundary that controls limits of sewer service area, utilities. 3. Provide residents with quality of life benefits by developing regional parks with active sports fields plus passive vistas.


Laura Dininni

Did not respond.

Ward 2


Peter Buckland

Date of birth: July 8, 1976

Education: 2001, Penn State, B.A.; 2003, M.M., Penn State; 2015, Ph.D., Penn State.

Occupation: Postdoctoral fellow at Penn State’s Sustainability Institute focusing on educational programs and special projects.

Qualifications: Sierra Club Executive Committee, one year

Answer to question: I will work for community well being, economic security and environmental integrity by focusing on our biggest challenge — growth. First, the recent Toll Brothers-Penn State upset makes hidden planning and zoning stresses obvious. I would like regional stakeholders to comprehensively tackle development with maximum community input. Second, we have to face environmental debt caused by runoff, greenhouse gas emissions, land conversion and other issues. Synergized with the development plan, Ferguson and the region should develop environmental and climate plans. Finally, we face economic and demographic challenges and disparities as the region changes and grows that we must manage with care.

Ward 3


Drew Clemson

Date of birth: 1958

Education: University of Cincinnati, M.S. criminal justice administration FBI National Academy, Cert. Criminal Justice Education.

Occupation: Police lieutenant (retired); currently, parts/service director, Lion Country Kia

Qualifications: Township supervisor, four years; municipal government employee (police) 25 years; Leadership Centre County graduate (1995).

Answer to question: 1. Maintain fiscal responsibility through adherence to the accepted budget process. 2. Preserve high quality of life for township residents, businesses and users. 3. Attract new business/industry into the township through collaboration with agencies such as the CBICC and IDA.


Colleen Unroe

Not eligible to run based on township charter.