Centre County renews objections to Parks Miller lawsuit

Centre County defendants submitted new documents in federal court Monday, opposing District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.

Attorneys for the DA filed an amended complaint in her lawsuit against the county, commissioners, administrator, solicitor, her former paralegal, a judge and some local defense attorneys in the defamation suit.

Now the defendants are renewing their objections. A stack of objections from the various attorneys had been filed before Parks Miller’s amended version of the complaint was submitted.

The Parks Miller suit is in response to the allegations surfaced earlier in the year, including that the DA forged Judge Pamela Ruest’s signature on a document used as part of an investigation and that members of the DA’s office were participating in ex parte communications with judges.

Mary Lou Maierhofer, attorney for the county, commissioners Chris Exarchos, Steve Dershem and Michael Pipe, solicitor Louis Glantz and administrator Tim Boyde, renewed some of her prior objections, including the idea that the commissioners should not be sued both individually and in their official capacity.

She also renewed her protest of another count, injurious falsehood, saying it referred to trade libel or allegations against a product, which is inapplicable to the case.

She also wrote that Parks Miller’s amended complaint failed to state claims for other charges, including negligence, abuse of process, and conspiracy.

Maierhofer asked the court to either dismiss Parks MIller’s suit or ask for more specifics.

“The county’s position, once again, is completely without merit. These men in Centre County’s government know their jobs are on the line this coming Tuesday and will do or say anything to keep the people guessing until after the election,” said Parks Miller’s attorney, Bruce Castor.

“The motion today will fail again, and these men will pay for what they tried to do to her. Unfortunately, so will the taxpayers of Centre County, something the DA deeply regrets. So much so, that she had me privately warn the county administration of the certainty she would be cleared, and that the administration lacked the power to do what they did causing liability to the county. The warning, issued in writing in January of this year, arrogantly went unheeded. Now here we are. Never forget: all this crew cares about is fooling people into keeping letting them their jobs next Tuesday.”