Dead man found in Ferguson Township home

A man has been found dead in a Ferguson Township home.

According to Ferguson Township poice, David Brady, 33, was found unresponsive in a Ramblewood Development home around 9 a.m. Sunday.

Police said he was “in the room where he had been staying as a guest of the resident family for the past several weeks.”

The death appeared to be heroin related, according to police, who said an autopsy was conducted on Monday. Toxicology results could take several weeks.

If confirmed, this will be the fourth death related to heroin use in the township in two years, police said.

“Friends and family of drug abusers are reminded that as of December 2014, anyone reporting a drug overdose to law enforcement or other emergency response personnel, in good faith in order to prevent death or serious bodily injury, is immune from prosecution for possessing the substance, as is the person experiencing the overdose, if the caller provides his or her name and remains with the person until first responders arrive. Persons finding anyone they believe may have ingested a controlled substance and who cannot be awakened and/or is making snoring or gurgling sounds, should not hesitate to call 911,” said police in a press release.