Boil water advisory lifted in Spring Township

A boil water advisory was lifted Wednesday morning for Spring Township Water Authority customers.

Township Manager William MacMath said the issue lasted at least four days.

“We had to haul some water in and used a local hauler who has a sanitized purified tank, but it was not certified by the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection),” MacMath said. “We just wanted to followed DEP protocol regulations.”

Water testing was conducted Monday and Tuesday, and “came back fine,” MacMath said.

19 loads of water hauled to Spring Township Water Authority from Bellefonte Borough

He said 19 loads of water was hauled in from Bellefonte to help keep up the water pressure at the Spring Township Water Authority.

“Water is distributed by gravity and we have to keep the (water) levels up,” he said. “When we get down too low, pressure can be lost. It can impact anything from the fire companies that need to use that water, or something as simple as having low water pressure when you shower.”

He said he didn’t have an invoice for how much it cost the township to get the water from Bellefonte Borough.

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