Airplane crash near University Park Airport proves fatal

The foggy morning crash near University Park Airport is now confirmed to have been fatal.

According to Centre County Coroner Scott Sayers, the two passengers in the craft have been pronounced dead.

The crash occurred around 8:20 a.m.

Penn State spokeswoman Heather Robbins said Thursday that the airport’s tower crew saw smoke coming from the craft as it approached. When they tried to contact the pilot, there was no response.

The FAA said the plane was a Piper that had left Washington County Airport in southwestern Pennsylvania. Two people were on board. FAA spokesman Jim Peters referred requests for information about the passengers to UPA.

About a dozen ambulances and even more firetrucks showed up for the crash, in a heavily wooded area of Benner Township near the 1400 block of Barns Lane near the runway.

The crash was originally anticipated to be a larger plane.

The crash was the second in eight days at the airport. The first, a crash landing on the runway, had no injuries.

The airport was closed initially but reopened at 10:30 a.m., Robbins said.