Alois Kudlach’s taped interview played in murder trial

Police investigate the scene of the fatal shooting of Nuria Kudlach in August 2015.
Police investigate the scene of the fatal shooting of Nuria Kudlach in August 2015. Centre Daily Times, file

Jurors heard from friends of the deceased as well as a recorded interview of the defendant Wednesday during day three of the prosecution’s case against Alois Kudlach.

Kudlach is charged with first- and third-degree murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and interference with communications stemming from the shooting death of his wife Nuria in August 2015.

State College police Officer Deirdri Houck testified that she had interviewed both Kudlach and his son Alex, 20, after they were brought to the police station the day of the shooting.

According to Houck’s testimony, Kudlach’s retelling of the morning was inconsistent, saying the story varied from the shooting happening after his wife had a knife and was “coming at him,” to him shooting his wife as she initially went for the knife.

The District Attorney’s Office provided a recording of Houck and Detective Ralph Ralston questioning Kudlach a few hours after the shooting.

Houck also testified that, according to Kudlach, his wife had been facing him directly when she “came at him” with the knife.

Friends of Nuria Kudlach also took the stand, mainly describing her state of mind leading up to the shooting.

Teresa Mastovich, of Johnstown, said she last saw Nuria Kudlach in July 2015. During emotional testimony, she said Nuria had described her relationship with her husband and son, saying “she couldn’t take it anymore” and “was in tears.”

Mastovich admitted during cross-examination that she had never actually visited the Kudlach home in State College and that Nuria had never explicitly said that her husband was not supportive of her pursuit to earn a real estate license.

Cindy Glein-Pool, of Carlisle, said Alois Kudlach called her the day after the shooting to tell her Nuria had died. She described his tone as “monotonous.”

Glein-Pool said during cross-examination that Kudlach had been supportive of his wife’s endeavor to earn her real estate license, buying her favorite flowers for her the day she passed the licensing test.

The trial is scheduled to continue through Friday.

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