Competition: to destroy or use as a catalyst?

Some will tell you that competition is to be destroyed to ensure our own survival.

I just can’t get my arms around that philosophy.  Maybe that comes from the decades I spent in the Air Force.  Some might find this hard to believe but militarily, we are not an imperialistic country.  We typically fight battles to win wars but only to the point where the other side realizes the folly of their intent and changes their pugilistic direction.  I offer Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan as two examples.  We didn’t destroy the countries, we defeated those who had formed an axis of power by which they intended to force the world to submit to their will.  A side note: I wonder what would have happened had both countries been successful.  How would they have shared their dominion over the earth?  Would they have shared that dominion or…?

Anyway, that prelude is due to the guest I have for this week’s show: Rubi Ho.  Rubi is one of the “head honchos” at one of my competitors: Sherpa Coaching.  I think they do a fine job, which is one of the reasons I am sharing my “dominion” of the airwaves this Saturday morning.  You see, the Sherpa Coaching folks push me; as do my other competitors.  They help me realize why I must continue to provide better products and services if I am going to grow, or at least maintain, my current market share of clients.

Competition, especially in the business world, is not something that should frighten you.  Instead, it should do for you as I allow it to do for me:  help you Unlock Your Potential and make your contributions to the world that much better.

Tune in Saturday – it should be a good show.

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