Letâ™s not jump the gun butâ¦

This time of year is incredibly exciting for me – as it is for many of you.  I wonder if it is for the same reasons.

We do celebrate Christmas in the Pasch household and our wish would be true peace on earth for all people.  Unfortunately, the old human condition rears its ugly head and we get what we have always had: war, poverty, disease, etc.  But the other reason I get excited is because I compare that which I want most for the world with what I have done in the past year to help make at least my little part of the world a bit better.  Was I successful?  In some ways but I am never satisfied.  Which is the next great thing about this world – we get another chance, another year to plan and fulfill our dreams and desires.  Take some time over the next week to not simply write a list of resolutions but to also determine what actions you need to take and decisions to make that will allow you to accomplish those resolutions in the new year.  I hope you are completely successful – I will be here to help make your work related dreams come true.

One of the items on my list: energy independence.  During the last Presidential campaign, there were a few candidates espousing the “all the above” categories of energy use.  If we plan to achieve true energy independence, I believe this is the only reasonable solution.  It would be great to “flip a switch” and transfer to completely clean and renewable sources but that will take time.  

Last week, on Unlock Your Potential, we took our first foray into “green business”.  Michael Shadow from Green Business Solutions was our guest.  Michael’s company specializes in installing solar energy panels for both commercial and residential properties.  He shattered myth after myth about solar energy and offered very good insight to the process.  I recommend you give him a call 814-206-4741 and start your move toward energy independence. 

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