Happy New Year!

Why is that the standard greeting?  Is it because we know the last year was so bad anything can be better?  Is it because we are wishing the other person a continuation of success and health?  Or is it because we, individually, realize we had some great things happen in the past year but we aren’t satisfied with our progress?  Let’s face it, we just used 365 days of our life; that’s 8,760 hours or, as I schedule my time, 35,040 15-minute increments.   Just think what you could do in the next year if you lived your life recognizing just how much time we have…and how much time we likely waste.  We waste time in totally unproductive activities or on things that are important…but to someone else, not you.

I will assume you completed last year’s “homework” that I offered (i.e. determining what is truly important in your life).  Maybe you need to spend a couple minutes digging out your most important list and ensuring it is still a good list.  And yes, some of the important things on my list include helping others.

Once that is done, make one resolution and stick to it: to spend your time fulfilling your list.

Happy New Year!  Regardless of how good 2009 was, I know you can do better…

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