Is the money for nothinâ™?

Boy have I taken a beating this week!  Some of our listeners apparently got the message from last week’s show that I am nothing but money hungry.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Although I have not yet met someone who said, “Ken, I make too much money.  Can you help me find a job that will pay me less than I’m making now?” 

So yes, in a bid to reality, I realize how important money is to the vast majority of our listeners…and that is what I do for a living: help people make money.
Someone told me long ago, “Ken, you can trade hours for dollars, or ideas for millions.”  I base my work on helping you Unlock Your Potential so that you too, can trade your ideas for _______ - what would be your goal?  It might be millions, but it also might be to give you the opportunity to spend more time with your favorite people or practicing your favorite hobby or funding/promoting your favorite charity.  The grand thing about this wonderful country is just that – the opportunity to make the decisions that fit you.   

I am here to help – regardless of your goal, I can help you achieve it.  People sometimes confuse what I do for a living with “Life Coaches”.  The best Life Coaches do wonderful work – but they are focused on many aspects of your life.  As a Leader & Business Growth Coach, I focus on helping you Unlock Your Potential in the business world.  Want to watch a ‘reality’ show that helps you understand this better?  Watch “Shark Tank”.  I’m not the Venture Capitalist that helps provide the capital you need, I’m the coach that helps you Unlock Your Potential.  I help you achieve your dreams and make Monday something you and your staff look forward to.

Join me this and every Saturday morning at 10AM for "Unlock Your Full  Potential… Today!”, the radio talk show that helps you learn to lead by example…we focus on Leadership and Motivation in the Workplace.   Our unique show allows you to call in and address any/all workplace issues – confidentially – we even have a segment named Speaking Confidentially – when you call, don’t name names, instead let’s work on and resolve the issues or deal with questions you have.  Unlock Your Full Potential…Today! is part of Coaches Corner, Saturday Morning Street Smarts, on Newstalk Radio, WBLF, 970 AM and FM Talk 103.7, WEEO.  Call in or send an Instant Message during the show: 814-272-9700 is the “On Air Live” studio number (or call toll free: 877-602-6109) & WBLF970 is our IM address; send me an email anytime:; or simply respond to this blog!At Ki Visions, we help good people become great leaders by helping them unlock and engage the entrepreneurial spirit.  Ready to take the journey?  Visit our website:

Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC

Your Leader/Business Growth Coach