Real Estate Investing in State College

Besides the obvious family benefits of local schools and safety, both features also play into an area's quality as an investment. One reason State College is particularly attractive(as are the majority of College towns) is because there's always a fresh flow of renters(whether students, professors or professionals) In addition, the average sale price in State College is $219,000 which is lower than that of major metropolitan areas, making it easier to cover an investors' expenses. Parents who have children planning to attend Penn State can purchase a single-family home or townhome in State College for their children to occupy. This serves two purposes, a long-term investment for the parents as well as a tax shelter, not to mention the potential monthly cash flow from the roomates in addition to their children. There's also another advantage for parents purchasing an investment property in State College, they have a place to stay anytime they come to State College, ie. football weekends, Arts Festival, etc. This will also enable the parents to write-off part of their trip each time to their "investment property"

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Ryan S. Lowe, Associate Broker, ABR, ASR