What puts the fire in your belly?

What a treat I had this week!  Those that listen to “Unlock Your Potential” on Saturday mornings may have heard a profile I offered awhile back in our “Heroes on the Homefront” segment.  Dr. Ben Carson was our subject.  He came to town this week.  The Penn State Speaker series brought Dr. Carson to the Penn Stater to receive a standing ovation at the end of his talk.  The moderator claimed, “we’ve never had one of those (standing ovations) before…”

His talk was truly inspiring.  He addressed his childhood and the fascination with hospitals and healthcare from an early age.  He even admitted to having a dream of hearing “Calling Dr. Carson” over the hospital intercom system.  It put the fire in his belly.  But, his classmates nicknamed him “Dummy” so he may have never realized his dream…had it not been for his mother who committed the family to the one true way out of the ghetto.  No, not sports but education.  Being illiterate herself made it difficult but she pulled off a bluff likely to win her a permanent spot on the “World Poker Tour”. 

She figured her sons didn’t know she was illiterate and so her “corrections” to the book reports she required each week appeared real.  The impact was amazing.  Soon Ben was no longer the dummy but the brainiac.

This is a man with whom I would love to have a couple days of uninterrupted chats.  His philosophy, his openness, his accomplishments, his desire to give back, and his realization of the potential of all humans to expand our respective sphere of influence should earn him a spot on our collective wall of fame.  Many will soon celebrate the winners of the World Series and likely know their relevant statistics by heart.  If only we would adopt heroes like Ben Carson, what a different world it could be.  

As he helped those of us fortunate enough to be at the Penn Stater last Tuesday understand, “It’s not where you come from but where you’re going that is most important.”  Where are you going?

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