Are you too comfortable in your biases?

We all have them, biases that is.  Some are helpful (I don’t eat things that smell bad), some are not (those that produce racial disharmony), and some are just fun (I like the Steelers).  Whatever yours are and however you developed them, they influence your decisions, at work and home.

So how should we deal with them?  First, you have to recognize them.  Every once in awhile, challenge them.  For those that are keeping you from being all you could be, change them. 

I speak for a living.  Whether that’s in front of thousands for a keynote address or individually during consultation I provide valued clients.  Do you know the second greatest fear most people have?  No, it’s not public speaking, it’s death.  Public speaking comes in at #1.  For those that are biased against speaking in public, you set yourself up for a less than satisfactory career.  You truly do need to overcome that fear.

Another bias that permeates the work force is the connection you make with other people.  Maybe your biases tell you that most people are out for themselves and so when you make a connection, you need to do so from your bunker such that you protect your interests.  Sure, there are those that will do what they can to get the most possible from you without giving similar value in return.  So what?  Treat the experience as a lesson learned and drop this relationship like a hot potato.  This person likely comes from the Scarcity Mentality and should be avoided at all costs.  The key: do not allow your bias, built around a few situations, to color your judgment when dealing with all others.

People tell me, “That’s easier said than done.”  Maybe so which is why I went into coaching: to help you know how to break through the barriers (your personal biases being huge barriers!), unlock your potential, and achieve your purpose. 

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Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC

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