I live for the witchesâ¦

Simple man or simpleton?  I hope I am the former.

Those who listen frequently to “Unlock Your Potential” hopefully find my favorite “melodies” pleasurable.  One of those is the song by Lynyrd Skynard called, appropriately I think, “Simple Man”.  It embodies how I have attempted to structure my life, to have a clear idea on those things most important and stay focused on those without being distracted by so many other opportunities.  I have not been completely successful…but I do try to return to the basics and help others do the same.  Why?  As all of us on Coaches Corner, Saturday Morning Street Smarts, are committed to, I try to help you break through the clutter, the morass of information available and deal only with that which is reality.

The reality of your life can be summed in two words: potential and motivation. 

My thoughts today are focused on my internal motivation toward the simple things in life and although few of us had time to enjoy the early snowfall to which we were “treated”, Fall is one of those glorious times of year.  The string of holidays we enjoy starts with the most fun, Halloween.  In our house, we appreciate the opportunity to break out of the norm, to carve pumpkins, eat the roasted seeds, and await the little ones and their special costumes during “Trick-or-Treat”.  We missed the parade this year in downtown State College but will be there next year for sure.  But with all things human, we often need clues as reminders of the start of the seasons.  For Fall, the absolutely gorgeous leaves on the trees, the change to crisp, cool air, etc., are all part of the joy I feel in anticipation of what is to come but my favorite symbol will show just how simple I am.  My wife is in charge of decorations at our house and there are many items we use to acknowledge the holiday but none are as important to me as a pair of ceramic witches, only a couple inches high, that always get placed on the breakfast table as we prepare for all that is to come.  The turkey, the tree, etc. have their place in my heart but the season always starts with the witches…I live for the witches.  How about you?

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